R5 seniors defeat the odds to graduate

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Walking across the stage today wasn't an easy thing for Lisa Gwin to accomplish.

After moving to Grand Junction she fell in the wrong crowd and started doing drugs, ended up dropping out of high school twice and problems at home didn't help. She said one day she went to school with clothes in her backpack and told her teacher she had no where to stay, "I wasn't making the best decisions I never thought i'd make it to this point," Gwin.

It took help from R5 and The House to turn her life around. She was adopted by a family and the love and support she received pushed her to graduate.

Not only did she get her diploma, but Gwin also received the Against All Odds Award for successfully getting through the obstacles in her life.

"I am so incredibly proud she's had a long journey, but she had the effort and enthusiasm and really persevered," Kathy Haller, Mom.

Gwin was surrounded by family and friends today and one familiar face was John Mok-Lamme from The House who helped set her up with her adopted family. Although staff at The House worked with her and counseled her through her issues they won't take credit for the person she has become, "We are amazed I think with her presence and we do want to step back and say we provided a safe shelter, but this is Lisa's story, this is Lisa's moment," Mok-Lamme.

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