Small explosion at East Middle School, students return to class

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Authorities are looking into what's being called a 'small' explosion at East Middle School.

Initial reports from police scanner traffic indicate it may have been due to a gas buildup in a line.

School District 51 says there was a small explosion in the electrical room. There are no injuries, and the school has been evacuated to the football field.

The entire incident was reported and taken care of in less than 40 minutes. Students were allowed to return to class at 11:45 a.m. after fire fighters gave the all clear.

The small explosion was contained to the boiler system near the main administrative office. The only damage was to a vent on the system. There was no other damage to the building.

Fire fighters checked for any additional gas leaks, however none were found and it was determined that it was safe for students and staff to re-enter the building.

Class has resumed, and there are no worries about safety. Students will remain in class for the remainder of the day.

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