RNC chair Priebus, Rep. Tipton push for early votes

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Two big name Republicans visit Grand Junction Thursday, hoping to provide a late push for voters to get to the polls before Tuesday.

Congressman Scott Tipton and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus stopped by the Mesa County Victory Office, meeting with Republican volunteers and local candidates to rally support for Tuesday's election.

"The push is early vote, making the phone calls, knocking on doors, it's really doing what Abraham Lincoln said many years ago, find every way, get them to the polls," Priebus said.

Republicans said the Western Slope is crucial to the party winning Colorado.

"Understanding that our votes are really going to have a real impact, and ultimately we can deliver the presidency to Mitt Romney and the vice presidency to Paul Ryan,” Tipton said. β€œIt's a very exciting time and we've got a very important role to play.”

Tipton said people in Mesa County are feeling the impacts of a bad economy, and said it's on the voters to make a change.

Tipton continued to campaign in Colorado on Thursday, while Priebus headed straight back to Washington after his stop in Grand Junction.

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