Rainy weather a plus for Palisade farmers

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PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO) Palisade farmers aren't complaining about the wet fall weather. One local farmer says the positives of the rainfall wash away the negatives.

Farmer Bob of Alida's Fruits says the wet weather has been extremely beneficial to the vegetables in his fields. It has even benefited the weeds growing around his crops from the rain, which probably isn't the best thing. All in all, the Palisade farmer is pleased with the wet conditions.

"Overall, especially out on the orchards, it's been very gentle, a very beneficial rain to soak in the ground. We haven't had any run off in the orchards," said Farmer Bob.

Farmer Bob will do his last round of picking peaches this week and says the rain has not damaged his remaining peaches.

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