Mesa snowfall isn't enough for water providers

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Our recent storms have dumped inches of snow on the Grand Mesa, and as the city's reservoirs are atop the Mesa, you might think the Grand Valley is back on track when it comes to water levels this summer.

Unfortunately, water officials say that's not the case.

The Grand Valley residents are provided water from one of five different entities: Clifton Water District, the City of Fruita, the Town of Palisade Water, the City of Grand Junction or Ute Water Conservancy District.

All five of those water providers are currently at different supply levels.

"We have interconnects so that we can serve each other water in a severe drought situation or an emergency situation," said Rick Brinkman with the City of Grand Junction.

Because of the low water supply in the recent years, area suppliers joined forces to create Joint Water Conservation Plan.

"We as domestic water suppliers will be going to our top users and developing ways that they can cut back on their water consumption," said Joseph Burtard with Ute Water Conservancy District.

Even with the plan, officials also say consumers can assume we’ll be in a severe drought for 2013 and most likely stay in Stage 1 drought conditions.

Typically, March is the month with the highest level of snow for Colorado, so officials hope that will help out with the snow levels and drought.

Water providers won't know for sure if the Grand Valley will jump to Stage 2 drought conditions until sometime in April.

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