Record turn out for historic election

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The polling locations were packed today as many Mesa county residents headed out to vote. While 67 percent of voters in Mesa county cast their vote early, lines at the polling locations would suggest otherwise. Lines wrapped around buildings and took some voters up to an hour to make it through.

However for many casting their vote at the polls was worth the wait.

"This election is really important, I think it's one of the most important we have seen in a long time, said Mesa County voter Miles Proffitt.

First-time voters said they hit the polls today to be a part of history.

"I'm stoked I'm ready to see who won," said Colorado Mesa University student Andrew Knarr. He went on to say, I'm writing a huge paper on this and we all had to take a stake and what the determining factor was so I hope I was right."

Those new to town say if they had known about mail-in ballots in time, they would have opted to vote early.

"We weren't really familiar with the voting process, so when we got the mail-in information, we didnt really react but I think next year we will, you know avoid the lines, said residents Dick and Debbie Henderson.

As of three o'clock this afternoon 83 percent of registered voters in Mesa county cast their vote.

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