Red flag warning prompts fireworks safety

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. We're just days away from the sparkle and shimmer of fireworks shows on the Fourth of July and with no fire ban this year you can light up your own personal shows. Even though there's no ban we are on high fire weather watch with a red flag warning in effect throughout Mesa County Monday.

Father of two, Brian Onsrud, knows the importance of keeping his family protected this holiday weekend. He took his two boys on a fireworks shopping spree, but is making sure they understand how to shoot them off safely, "I want to make sure I have a perimeter around where all the fireworks are, no houses, no cars, teaching them about not aiming them toward people or animals," Onsrud.

A red flag warning in Mesa County won't put a ban on your Fourth of July fun this year, but meteorologists at the National Weather Service say the mix of low humidity, high winds and dry vegetation are a combination for disaster if you're not taking the proper precautions.

"People should be very careful with any type of pyrotechnics or any type of source of ignition for fire," Jim Pringle, National Weather Service.

While the warning is only expected to last through Monday night, the National Weather Service still urges people about the possibility of fireworks leading to flames.

That's why Shoot the Moon fireworks employees give all their customers helpful safety tips including keeping a bucket of water next to you, having between five and ten feet of clear area with no weeds around you when setting up and even having a fire extinguisher just in case.

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