City council proposes using tax revenue for roads

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The Grand Junction City Council is proposing a measure that would allow the city to hold on to extra tax revenue for future road projects.

One man questions whether he trusts the city council to follow through with a plan developed so far in advance and says he'd rather get his share of the money back.

Referred Measure B will be on the April ballot, asking community members to vote on allocating extra tax revenue toward future road projects.

"I find it odd that they are asking the tax payers to give them money when they aren't sure how much it's going to cost," said resident Dennis Simpson.

Simpson said until council members have a more definitive plan for the money, he thinks the extra tax money should be refunded back to residents by way of their utility bills.

"To refund back the money-- that's all good if the people want to do that. That's what TABOR is all about," said City Council member Jim Doody.

Doody said the average person would only get about $40 back.

Under Measure B, the money will come from TABOR Amendment funds and will not go toward the improvement of roads like North Avenue and Horizon Drive until the Riverside Parkway project is paid off in 2015.

"It's really a two part thing in 2013. We are going to ask, 'Can we retain the money after the parkway is paid off?' Then somewhere down the road, maybe five to six years when we know the whole scope of the project, then go back to the voters and ask if we can bond for the debt," said Doody.

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