Remembering D-Day

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Exactly 69 years ago on June 6, around 160,000 Allied soldiers invaded Normandy, France, and sparked the beginning of the end for the Nazi regime in Europe.

The mostly U.S., British and Canadian soldiers started a World War II battle that would last until August 1944.

Grand Junction is home to many veterans, including 101-year-old World War II vet Guido Bagett.

Bagett, who served in the Third United States Army in both France and Germany, was originally born in Italy before moving to the U.S. Drafted at 32-years-old, he left his wife and two children in the States.

Although he himself was not in Normandy during D-Day, the humble veteran says that Americans should pause to remember those who were and all others who have served.

"I think if you meet a soldier, they better respect you because he deserves it… not everybody goes in there," said Bagett.

Bagett told KKCO that although he doesn’t like to think about his time in service, his most fond memory was coming back home to his family the week before Christmas.

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