Rep. Wright won't seek reelection

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Jared Wright is taking a step away from politics to focus more on his family, he said in an announcement Saturday.

Representative Wright won't be seeking a second term in order to spend more time with his wife and daughter and build his career as a graphic artist.

Wright endorsed Republican candidate Yeulin Willett for the District 54 seat.

"Mr. Yeulin getting in the race specifically helped me make that decision," Wright said. "I know that he's very well qualified, very well respected in the community."

Wright said Willett's political views align with his own plus Willett's children are older, allowing him the time to take on the political position.

"He still had a very young family that he was getting going and he acknowledged that I was in a very ideal place to take on this task," Willett said.

More than two weeks ago, the public found out Wright had left a concealed carry gun unattended in a bag in a capitol conference room, however, Wright said this incident didn't affect his decision to not seek reelection.

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