Rescued pup makes headlines

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WHITEWATER, Colo. When Achmed the pitbull pup was taken into custody by Mesa County Animal Services, it was clear that he had been neglected and abused.

Suffering from severe skin conditions, caretakers weren't sure if he would pull through; one year later, his story continues to stress the importance of regular medical attention for all animals.

"By everyone spaying and neutering their pets, making sure that they get their pets taken care of with annual vet visits and what not, we will have a problem that will eventually solve itself," says Mesa County Animal Services Director, Penny McCarty.

Achmed has recently been adopted by a loving owner in Boulder, and you can read all about his story in the latest issue of National Pet Foundation Magazine.

For anyone interested in getting involved with animal rescue, there are plenty of opportunities at shelters and local animal services organizations.

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