Residents prepare for warm weather, starting with diets

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - With warm weather right around the corner, many spring events including vacations are approaching quickly.

For some, this usually means it's a good time to start those spring diets and workout sessions to lose the extra winter weight.

According to some local experts, getting into shape eventually all comes down to the basics.

"It has to be a balance, that's what your body needs to really keep that, as we say a balance, so you don't want to fall off on either side of the fence," said Bill Shumate, owner of Alpha Sports and Nutrition.

According to experts, the newest diet trends can work for some, but making it last and staying with the program is the biggest obstacle.

"Finding something that works as a lifestyle is going to be a lot more appropriate for anybody," said Shumate.

Health experts say counting calories rarely works; instead, the best results are when you balance out your food intake and stick to the basics, like one popular diet encourages.

"The Paleo diet basically just mimics the way our ancestors ate in the Paleolithic era," said Julia Vandekerkhove, with Crossroads Fitness.

The diet focuses on protein and vegetables; no sugars and no processed or salty foods.

And like most diets, exercise has to go along with it; just like cross fit training goes hand in hand with the cave man diet.

"You're toning your muscles and at the same time by eating the Paleo diet, it's a clean, lean diet so it coincides with your training," said Vandekerkhove.

Some more tips from our experts are to eat breakfast within one hour of waking up, this jump starts your metabolism for the day.

Also, eat every three to four hours to maintain your metabolism and keep up the energy level.

If you are trying to tone up or drop a few pounds, experts say it's a good idea to also talk to a nutritionist or do your own research to find the right balance for your body.

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