Residents remember 20th anniversary of the Web

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO)-- For many of us, life revolves around the internet, from making credit card purchases to keeping in touch with loved ones or working remotely. But it's only been two decades since the World Wide Web went public on this day in 1993.

"Used to have to wait for it to connect to the internet; it was like there were hamsters running around inside your phone making your phone squeal. It was just awful, and then it would connect, but it wouldn't stay connected," said Alan Young.

In 1993 the first website made the source code for the World Wide Web available for everyone turning WWW into a free limitless key to information.

The web has connected people in many ways since the 90s, including through social media.

"I'm definitely addicted. It's like first thing in the morning. It's like you don't read the paper any more you just get on the internet and look at your Facebook and see what people you know are doing," said Julia Ennis.

By the end of 1993 there were about 500 websites online, and this year there are 630 million sites.

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