Residents speak out about pot shops opening in Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The city of Fruita is looking into cashing in on the sales tax revenue, adding a question to its April ballot asking residents if they think recreational pot shops should open in the city.

This comes despite the fact that Mesa County voters turned down Amendment 64.

Although many are still against it, the question on the ballot strikes up the thought that thousands of tax dollars could be pouring into the county, which seems to be an incentive for some residents to swap sides.

The reactions go both ways.

"I would be absolutely fine with it," Brian Myers.

"I don't think they should be here," Pat Chapman.

Pot shops around Colorado charge an excise tax up to 15% on top of the 10% sales tax on the retail sale of marijuana. The first $40 million of the excise tax will be given to the State School Capital Construction Program.

Our Facebook friends are sounding off. We launched a poll to find out where those on social media stand on the issue asking, "Should Mesa County reconsider banning recreational pot shops?"

Out of the 22 votes, 21 people voted yes and one voted no.

Although pot shops are banned in unincorporated parts of Mesa County, they can be built in municipalities if voters approve it.

As Fruita is putting pot on their ballot, Palisade officials said the board has yet to finalize discussions on whether or not to put it out to voters in November.

In the meantime Palisade has a moratorium until January 15th on recreational pot shops.

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