Residents weigh in on Orchard Mesa Plan

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ORCHARD MESA, Colo. (KKCO) -- The city and the county plan on revamping Orchard Mesa, but not without the community's input.

Dozens of residents made their rounds at the open house for the Orchard Mesa Plan, in order for their voices to be heard. The plan will set the direction for the area for the next 25 years.

Leona Salazar was one of many concerned residents who attended the open house for the Orchard Mesa Plan. She wanted to make sure the changes that come to her neighborhood will not only improve the local economy, but also their way of life.

“We need more businesses up here because we don't have enough restaurants or shopping areas and we need more tourists to get more up in here," said Salazar.

And John Williams, who's lived in the area for over a decade, is concerned about the roadways.

“Improving the roads for foot traffic, walking dogs, and for kids going to school. I live right off B Road and it's downright dangerous I think, there's no shoulder, sidewalks, anything," said Williams.

Resident Richard Clark, enjoys his rural living and usually is critical of the government, but despite his hesitations, he's on board for the changes coming to Orchard Mesa over the next 25 years.

“Government and the way they waste our money and don't give us anything for it, but in this particular area, I think they are doing a very good job," said Clark.

Orchard Mesa goes from 34 ½ Road to the confluence of the rivers. Not only does Orchard Mesa cover a very large area, but it also has two very broad areas of the spectrum. From urban on one end, to very rural on the other, which is why the city and the county are involved.

“That's why it's a joint-city and county project, the only parts of this area are right in the city limits now, but as new development occurs, urban development, it annexes into the city of grand junction and will become part of the city," said Keith Fife Mesa County Planning Director.

The city and county are still laying the groundwork for the future plans. The open houses give those affected by any changes a voice in the process.

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