Resolutions tested at 12 week challenges

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Fitness challenges are popping up throughout the valley to help you keep your New Year's resolutions.

"I signed up for challenges several years and just never took it serious," said Penny Hardick, 2012 National Winner at Gold's Gym 12 Week Challenge.

For Penny Hardick, 2012 was different.

"I traded my addiction to nachos and jack and coke for ice tea and salads and endorphins at the gym," said Hardick.

She took a 12 week challenge and went on to lose 33 pounds and win a National title for women 60 and older. Once again, the challenges are back.

"Even though it's only twelve weeks, it also can be a little bit overwhelming," said group fitness manager Trae Tripoli.

Whether it's taking to the treadmill or doing yoga in the air, there's a purpose behind that magic number twelve many of the gyms embrace.

"The reason that a lot of people tie it into twelve weeks is because twelve weeks is what you need to make a new habit," said Defy Gravity director Kim Philia.

Trae recommends finding an exercise you enjoy in order to get to results, but remember shedding pounds will never be a piece of cake starting out.

"It's really difficult because the society is based around food and alcohol," said Hardick. "Every day was a forced decision to not eat what I shouldn't eat, and I take a look at the biscuits and say, 'Okay, this is 30 minutes on Jacob's Ladder, do I really want to do that?'"

"Part of the reason that you can't stick with something is because you're only addressing one area of you," said Philia.

So look toward that goal and find what keeps your motivation flowing.

"I was 65 pounds overweight myself," said Tripoli, "so to watch people in their journeys and do whatever I can to help them have a success story of their own, I just love it."

A story which gives hundreds of others a fresh boost of confidence.

"I just was feeling so much better and people's reaction to me was 'Oh my God, I can't believe this!'"

Health experts say if you're looking to start a 12 week challenge, contact your local gyms to find the perfect fit for your routine and interests.

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