Ski resorts say they'll open on time

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POWDERHORN, Colo. (KKCO) It's early October and already we are starting to see a little snow covering the mountain tops, but will the shutdown delay the start of the season?

Fortunately, for skiers and snowboarders across the valley, the answer is no.

According to Colorado Ski Country USA, resorts are gearing up to start the season on time, even without the Forest Service's oversight.

Powderhorn Mountain Resort officials say weather permitting, they hope to open the slopes on December 12th.

"We have a special use permit and since we're leasing the federal land, that is not going to be affecting us," says Powderhorn sales and marketing manager, Gabrielle Michna.

For now, Powderhorn employees will continue to prepare for the season, and hope for the best conditions.

"We are completely dependent on mother nature, so we are doing our best to pray for snow as usual," says Michna.

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