Rifle gas prices drop with new competition

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. People in Rifle are finding relief at the pump after a new gas station brought long-standing high prices down.

"I think it's fantastic," said Melissa Collett, of Rifle. "People are posting all over Facebook how happy they are to get gas cheaper. It's a really good thing for Rifle."

The Rifle City Market opened a new fuel center last Wednesday.

Customers said within days the prices at other gas stations that were hovering around $3.80/gallon for regular unleaded came down to as low as $3.55/gallon.

Plus, people can shop at the Rifle City Market and receive points to save $.10 or more on each gallon of gas.

"A full tank of gas was about $160 for me,"Collett said in reference to how much she paid just a month ago to fill up. "With my value card today, I'm getting gas for $3.19, which is actually cheaper than I could get it in Junction or Delta."

Robert Steinbach, of Rifle, said he appreciates having the competition in town after years of high gas prices.

"I'd take trips over to Silverton or even up to Meeker, anywhere around and it was always cheaper," Steinbach said. "I don't really know really what the complete reason was other than as a citizen of Rifle I felt that it was price fixing."

The Rifle City Market said it decided to build the fuel center because customers had been asking for it, not to undercut any gas companies.

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