Rising river flood danger

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Rivers and streams on the Western Slope continue to rise to levels well above what we're used to seeing for this time of year and authorities say over the next two weeks they'll be at their highest, their fastest and their most dangerous.

It's officially begun to feel like summer but experts are advising against taking a trip on the river.

Mesa County Search and Rescue has already responded to several river rescues this season and they warn these deep, fast waters could be hiding dangerous surprises.

"A lot of logs, trees, coming down," says Search and Rescue volunteer, Doug Sieckert. "A lot of strainers which are branches and stuff that people can get caught in."

And Sieckert says those won't just give you scratches and a few bruises either; they can pull you under and drown you.

Meteorologists like Jim Pringle monitor the water levels across the valley.

"It's very dangerous," says Pringle. "This is just a situation where people need to take every precaution to avoid being a victim."

Some of our rivers have risen so high that they're well above the banks and are even making their way towards major roadways.

Pringle says just two feet of water will lift a 1.5 ton vehicle and if that water is moving swiftly it's likely that vehicle will be carried downstream.

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