Robocop: Helping keep our first responders safe

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MONTROSE, Colo. For emergency responders, putting themselves in dangerous situations is just another part of the job description.

But new technology makes it possible for law enforcement officers to get right into those kinds of circumstances while still out of harm's way, and the Montrose County Sheriff's Office has a new robot to help do just that.

It has the ability to do everything from climbing stairs to driving through two feet of water; and when you combine that with it's audio visual technology, the robot becomes an extremely versatile tool.

"You can use it for anything," says Sergeant Ben Halsey. "You can use it for a negotiation tool basically, if you had a barricaded suspect for example and you ran it in there you could just push that button and say, 'hey this is the sheriff's office, we're here to help, what can we do to make this right?'"

Right Sgt. Halsey is the only person in the Montrose County Sheriff's Office who knows how to run their robot, but he says he plans to teach everyone on their swat team so they can all have experience running it, in the case of a real emergency.

The robot cost nearly $25,000 dollars and was paid for by the sheriff's office.

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