Roice Hurst Back in Black event

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. If you're looking for a new pet, right now is the perfect time.
The Roice Hurst Humane Society is currently hosting the 3rd annual back in black program.

The event serves to get less-often adopted pets with black coats out of the shelters and into loving homes.

There are several theories on why black pets are adopted less than others, but experts say they're always a good option.

"They're just as sweet, just as loving, just as smart as any other color," says Roice Hurst shelter Director, Judy Bowes "In fact sometimes I think maybe even in a little bit more because they've had to wait a little bit longer for their home."

During the event, adoption fees for black animals are cut by 50%.

Officials say they got 5 new black dogs just Tuesday from Mesa County Animal Services.

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