SUV runs into liquor store on North Ave.

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A SUV plows through the front of Pete's House of Spirits near 15th Street and North.

The incident happened around 5:15 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Pete Martinez, the owner of the establishment, was not in the store during the accident, but he says two of his employees were. Fortunately, they were not near the front of the building when the SUV came crashing through.

Both the Grand Junction Fire Department and Grand Junction Police Department were on scene.

It’s not the first major setback the business has had to deal with.

Martinez couldn’t believe what happened once he got the phone call.

“I thought they were joking with me; my heart just dropped. A year and a half ago we just went through a fire that shut us down. Just couldn't believe this happened again," said Martinez.

In an ironic twist, witnesses say they think the man in the SUV was drinking.

Rebecca Gerry saw the SUV traveling right behind her minutes before the wreck.

"So I got into the other lane, and right when he was on the other side of me, he swerved and hit the building," said Gerry.

Pete's House of Spirits will be closed until repairs can be made . At this time there is no estimate for when they will be able to reopen.

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