Safe celebrations to ring in 2013

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Tonight is one of the biggest nights for celebrating, with lots of people staying up late for the New Year.

Along with celebrating, it's a big night for people to drink and get behind the wheel.

One local business is hosting a New Year's party to keep their partygoers a little safer.

If you attend the Double Tree's fifth annual New Year's Eve party, the elevator is your ride home.

Since they are a hotel, the attendees can just take the elevator up to their room for the night, avoiding any sort of risky transportation that police are patrolling for.

"Drink responsibly, that's the key, plan ahead and really know your limitations and make it safe for yourself, your family and our community," said Derek Rosales, a sergeant with the Grand Junction Police Department.

The Grand Junction Police Department is also reminding everyone to watch out for intoxicated friends or family members.

If someone has been drinking, take their keys from them until they are sober.

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