Safety a top priority for bounce house rental companies

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A windy day can ruin a bounce house birthday party and for a good reason, a recent accident has shown and party rental companies have affirmed.

Two children were injured in New York after wind swept a bounce house into the air.

"It's my biggest nightmare," said Lori Willmarsh, owner of Willy Wanna Jump.

Willmarsh said she won't even set up if the winds are higher than 12 mph.

"We like to err on the side of caution, be extra safe because that's what's important, keeping those kids safe," she said.

Even if it's a nice day, but there's a slight chance of wind, Willmarsh and her husband will use four foot stakes to hold the bounce house to the ground.

"I really don't think it could go anywhere with those stakes," she said. "I think the fabric, the unit itself would rip apart before it could go anywhere."

Children can also get hurt when there are too many children jumping in a bounce house at once. The bigger the children are, the fewer should be jumping.

Parties should always have an adult or chaperone monitoring the children bouncing.

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