Safety first this Labor Day weekend

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. Labor Day weekend is upon us and the American Red Cross wants to make sure you are staying safe before firing up those grills for a holiday cookout.

There are several grilling safety tips officials at the red cross say you must know the biggest safety tips is making sure to follow all of the guidelines set in place by your grill's manufacturer...

Eric Myers with the Grand Junction Chapter said knowing how to properly light the grill is also important to minimize the risk of getting burned.

"Never leave a grill unattended, you want to make sure you are watching what you are doing make sure there are no pets or kids that are running up to touch a hot grill," said Myers.

Red Cross officials also say before firing up the grill make sure that you have long utensils to avoid burns.

The Red Cross also has an app available for your smart-phones that has various safety and first aid tips for Labor Day trips.

For more Labor Day safety tips visit the American Red Cross's website

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