School safety group finalizes D51 recommendations

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The District 51 Safety Work Group finalized their recommendations for the school Board.

Members of the group focused on three important safety categories: building stronger human relationships, physical changes in schools and increased training.

Human Relationships:
-Continued use of District 51 threat assessment program
-More adults in schools

Physical Changes:
- Electronic locks
- Panic buttons
- Bullet proof doors
- More Cameras

Increased Training:
- Student reporting
- Bullying prevention
- Suicide prevention
- Threat assessment
- Conflict resolution
- Active shooter training
- Fire drill & lock downs

The most controversial issue for the group was armed personnel in schools. The committee decided the topic needs further discussion and analysis before a decision is made. The group did decide that a certain standard for any armed persons on school ground is needed.

The recommendations will be presented to the School Board Tuesday, March 19 at 6 p.m. at the Basil T. Knight building.

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