Safeway promotes videos to fight childhood obesity

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Colorado is one of the nation's healthiest states, but health officials say our obesity rate among children is rising faster than those in all but one other state.

Now, two organizations are joining together to help get exercise training videos out to 2,000 day care centers, arming employees with knowledge to help combat the problem.

Safeway donated more than $97,000 and partnered with Early Learning Ventures to provide a free DVD training video to help promote health and wellness for kids. The lessons are being given to childcare providers who can be instrumental in encouraging kids to live healthy.

"This video series will really help educate them and empower them to make a difference in these children's lives," Safeway spokesperson Heather Halpape said.

Many kids spend a lot of time at daycare as busy parents work, but now, their daycare providers can pick up where parents leave off and help spread the importance of exercise. These children are knowing more about healthy lifestyles thanks to the grocery chain and non profit which have worked out a way to help fight childhood obesity.

“The DVD series is a training series that is licensing approved by the state, and what is has is several different modules on there that really gives instruction to the child care center providers," Halpape said.

Early Learning Ventures officials say the videos are empowering, showing daycare staff just how much power they have to help inspire kids to do what's best for their bodies.

"The biggest thing that we want is for providers to instill these healthy habits into the children at a young age, because if they are taught at a young age, it's a habit that will be life-long. That will hopefully overall help obesity later on in life,” Early Learning Ventures spokesperson Corina Otero said.

Director Cheris Campbell of Small Wonders childcare center knows just how important a child's health is, and is excited to have her staff start learning.

"We are aware that child obesity is at an all time high, and we look forward to educating ourselves

The training series was sent out Friday and has reached most of the child-care centers on the Western Slope. It includes four modules of nearly 14 one-hour lessons.

Small Wonders early learning center plans on starting the training sessions in its staff meetings this month.

The videos will also be available online within the month so smaller home-based daycare providers will have access to them.

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