Savory Saturdays teach Ayurvedic way of life

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CLIFTON, Colo. It's about more than eating right for a group of Grand Valley yogis. It's about creating a community of people learning to live the Ayurvedic way.

"People are looking for affordable health care wherever they can get it," said Debra Weller, one of the founders of Everyday Wellness. "The best way to do it is by knowing what you eat, how can you put good food in your body."

Weller along with two of her friends created Everyday Wellness to spread the love of yoga across the area, but this soon grew to incorporate healthy cooking.

"We began the Savory Saturday series," Weller said. "It's a little crowded, but we're so happy to share so much with everybody and they're so happy to be here. And they do all the work."

21 people were signed up for this Saturday's class to make Indian samosas and other healthy dishes that follow Ayurvedic guidelines.

"The key to Ayurvedic cooking is to balance the six tastes," Weller said. "Pungent, salty, bitter, astringent as well as sweet, which of course is dominant in our culture, are present."

The class has opened up the world of cooking to its students.

"I have a baby at home and don't really cook," said Briana Board, who has attended all of the classes so far. "I was like 'Oh, I should learn how to cook,' and it's been really great."

To learn more about Everyday Wellness or sign up for Savory Saturdays, visit the group's website:

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