Second Amendment supporters protest gun laws

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Freedom is a quality many Second Amendment supporters claim is being taken away. This week Governor Hickenlooper signed three bills requiring increased background checks and limited ammunition.

Saturday Mesa County Patriots among others plan to make their voice heard, by rallying outside the CMU campus where the Governor is schedule to speak.

"There's a lot of anger and frustration and disappointment and especially when our elected officials sign and swear in to up hold the constitution and then trample all over it," said Treasurer of Mesa County Patriots Kevin King.

King expects hundreds to gather outside the CMU campus after sending out a robo call to 10,000 residents alerting them of the event.

Supporter of the new legislation Rick Bear said as a hunter and gun owner himself he doesn't feel like his rights are being infringed upon, and said all rights need some regulation.

"I don't think its a total solution at all I think there's going to be black market things but I don think adding more guns helps the situation either," said Bear.

Bear said he hopes the change will save some lives.

King said the laws won't keep deadly firearms away from criminals, but they will strip law abiding citizens of their freedoms.

"This is our opportunity to let Governor Hickenlooper know that he has crossed the line and so we are going to band together," said King.

The Freedom Colorado group made 300 signs for the protest and Mesa County Patriots sent out a robo call at five on Friday.

Club 20 is hosting Governor Hickenlooper among other political speakers at the CMU campus and the event begins at 8 a.m.

The Chairmen of Club 20 said he expects the Governor to talk about new legislation and an update from the Colorado House of Representatives.

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