Security on high alert at Country Jam

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MACK, Colo. As the crowds continue to pour into the major mortgage country jam ram ranch so does the security.

The Mesa County Sheriff Department, Citadel Security, and event organizers are all teaming up to patrol festival grounds around the clock.

"What we do is we have our officers in the festival and in the campground area and we coordinate with the sheriff's office that are located near us,” says Corey Hulse of Citadel Security.

Citadel may not have the authority to arrest you but they'll hand you off to the people who can.

Most of the crimes they see at the festival involve minors in possession of alcohol and public drunkenness.

There are five to ten people at every posted entrance and exit and you'll get a thorough inspection to keep everyone at the ranch safe and sound.

There’s been no major incidents reported so far, and festival organizers hope this trend continues over the next couple of days.

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