Services for immigrant children beginning on the Western Slope

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. One organization on the Western Slope looks to find a solution for children crossing the border with nowhere to go.

They're asking for federal assistance to their project off the ground.
Ariel Clinical Services, an organization dedicated to providing services for children, families, and adults in the Grand Valley looks to extend its circle of care to include the influx of immigrant children on the Front Range.

As the director for Ariel Clinical Services in Colorado, Becky Hobart has given the green light to her Denver staff to apply for federal funding that will help connect immigrant children with family and foster care services.

The grant would specifically help to target the influx of immigrants coming in from Mexico, Central, and South America.

“We want to make sure that we are taking care of our community here first before we start to open more homes up to those particular kids. In Denver, it really is a different situation,” says director Becky Hobart.

The decision to move forward with grant application was prompted by a strong interest in the Denver community to provide care for children crossing the border with no place to stay.

Because of the high percentage of children in need right here in Mesa County they will not be diverting attention away from our own Western Slope children.

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