Sexual Assault Awareness Month gets the Grand Valley working on self-defense

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, and many Mesa County families are getting involved with karate, kickboxing, and tae kwan do to tackle the problem of sexual assault.

Martial arts and self-defense classes are a great way to learn the kicks, punches, and takedowns necessary to get away from potentially harmful situations.

Along with taking classes, there's day-to-day things that you can do to avoid being a victim of sexual assault.

"It's just constantly being around, being aware of your surroundings, but more important, if you are ever in an uncomfortable situation, do not be afraid to get out, to say no, and to leave," says kickboxing instructor, Toni Miller.

If you do find yourself in an potentially dangerous situation, it's best to run away whenever possible and if not, draw attention to yourself to scare off predators.

Experts say that sexual assault is one of the most under reported violent crimes, and an increasing amount of assaults come from people you know.

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