Sharing the road with bicyclists

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COLORADO NATIONAL MONUMENT, Colo. (KKCO) --- After last weekend's bicycle accident left one man in critical condition, park rangers at the Colorado National Monument are reminding people to share the road with bicyclists.

"Expect a bicyclist," said Mark Davison, chief ranger at the Colorado National Monument. "We have many a day and you never know what’s going to be around the corner."

Davison said the park gets about 500 bike riders a week and 500 cars a day.The heavy traffic and narrow roads can quickly turn into a dangerous situation if people are not careful, he said.

"National park areas, there are very few that allow off-road bicycle use," Davison said. "Mainly because we are here to preserve and protect. When you have bicycles traversing the land, there's an element of destruction towards it."

Bicyclists are required to follow the same laws as cars such as abiding by the speed limit and using lights in tunnels.

"Pay attention to your surroundings," Davison said. "Ride defensively. Just like all the motorists need to drive defensively, I think it's wise of bicyclists to do the same thing."

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