Small business owners voice fiscal cliff concerns to Tipton

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The fiscal cliff has many around the country and right here in the Valley concerned. Now small business owners in the Valley are making their voices heard.

Small business owners and community supporters gathered at the Mesa County court house to voice their concerns about the looming fiscal cliff. Around 25 local activists came together to show their support for local businesses and hear local shop owners speak about the potential tax hike for the middle class.

Those at the rally say the tax cut for the top two percent will mean fewer Pell Grants and more crowed classrooms.

"We are trying to let Scott Tipton know that he should hold the middle class over the millionaires and that’s a very important thing for us because it’s us that are going to suffer when the tax things go through with congress," Wraps on Main owner Ryan Dittmer said.

One local business owner says the high taxes could force some small businesses to close their doors. He says as a small business owner, he's not sure how he and his partner would come up with extra cash if they needed it. He also made a point to say he hopes his voice is heard in the House of Representatives.

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