Snow biking picks up speed on Western Slope

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GRAND MESA, Colo. Avid mountain bikers are no longer letting winter weather stop them from enjoying their favorite sport.

"This year is my first try at it and I'm just really impressed and surprised at what the bikes can do," said Eric Landis, a life-long mountain biker who recently picked up snow biking.

Snow bikers use four-inch tires with low pressure to float over snow on Nordic trails on the Grand Mesa or even snow-covered mountain bike trails in the Grand Valley that are typically only used during the summer.

"A lot of times we just ride our local trails, the actual single track mountain bike trails," Landis said. "The snow packs out and it's a great time right in the Grand Valley."

It's a sport that has been picking up popularity in recent years.

"It's growing pretty astronomically right now," said Dave Grossman, coordinator for the Grand Valley Trails Alliance. "It's fun because it allows you to get out during the winter when you normally wouldn't be able to ride a bike. "

Powderhorn will be hosting a snow biking race down the mountain March 30.

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