Some airports banning pot, but not all

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The legalization of pot has caused a lot of confusion about where and when it's legal. Although the state legalized it, it's still federally illegal, making some airports off limits to the substance.

The Colorado Springs airport followed Denver International Airport, recently announcing its ban on marijuana in the terminal and other areas. Grand Junction Regional Airport, however, has yet to place any bans on the drug.

This controversial topic is on the minds of many, travelers saying they're interested to see how each airport handles the issue and what it'll mean for them.

Officials at Grand Junction Regional Airport aren't following the lead of other Colorado airports by banning marijuana, so to answer concerned traveler's questions about how to check for it, well, the pot problem is being left in the hands of the Transportation and Safety Administration.

The TSA refused an on-camera interview about the situation, but officials say their focus is on terrorism and security threats to airplanes and passengers. They also issued a statement. "If during the security screening procedures and officer discovers and item that may violate the law, TSA refers the matter to law enforcement. Law enforcement officials will determine whether to initiate a criminal investigation."

Although the TSA area is federal property, the Grand Junction Police Department will only be citing people who are younger than 21 and/or have more than one ounce of the drug. Spokeswoman Kate Porras says, "We would respond and take the action we would take anywhere that we found someone with illegal marijuana."

Just because you can bring up to one ounce of the substance with you doesn't mean you can take advantage of the law. Officials at the GJPD warn against traveling with an illegal amount of marijuana, as the consequences of being caught could be severe. "It starts out as a petty offense and can go all the way up to a felony, depending on the amount that they have," Porras says.

We asked the Grand Junction Police Department if there are consequences if someone's traveling with pot and their boarding pass shows they're traveling out of the state. They say that's a matter for the TSA and law enforcement in other states to deal with.

We reached out to the Montrose, Durango and Pueblo Airports about their rules. None of the directors there responded to our requests for their policies.

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