Some are left in the cold after an eviction

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For some who couldn't make the payment on their homes, this holiday was their last before being foreclosed on and asked to leave. One local man says he lost his house and with no where to go is seeking refuge from the cold at the homeless shelter.

"Work industry basically just got slow and basically foreclosed on my house, couldn't make the payments," said Brian Matthews.

Matthews worked for Deep Creek Incorporated up until early last year.

"I basically stayed until the last day and then basically was pushed out the door," said Matthews.

He said once he couldn't keep up with the payments he only had a limited amount of time to stop his house in Orchard Mesa from slipping away.

"I've been homeless um pretty much lived out of my truck for a while and then since before Christmas its just been too cold out so I've been here," said Matthews.

Coldwell Banker Broker Paul Nelson said he is in charge on maintaining several foreclosed homes in Mesa County.

"I get an email from an attorney's firm over in Denver that tells me an appointment has been made with the sheriffs department to do an eviction," said Nelson.

Nelson said when he and a group of ten or so people go to knock on a residents door, they can't even give them notice.

"I can tell you its the most heartbreaking thing, other than a death of someone dear to you, the next thing on the scale for me would be an eviction," said Nelson.

Matthews said sometimes its hard for him to believe this time last year he was warm inside his home.

"Just deal with it day to day, I try to look for work and go to the library quite a bit," said Matthews.

Nelson said once a house is emptied it is winterized and then maintained by the realtor listing the house.

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