Some businesses heat up as temperatures fall

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Tuesday’s high was a mere 15 degrees, and another freezing day has some wondering if the cold weather will ever leave the Valley. KKCO 11 News spoke to some businesses in town where profits actually heat up when temperatures drop this low.

If you waited until now to find ways to warm up, you may be out of luck.

"Everybody is having trouble keeping up right now [keeping products in stock],” Home Depot hardware associate Bill Arcieri said. "Right now we're having a real hard time keeping any type of heater, especially the electrics."

Everything warm from heaters to propane torches to heat tape and insulation sell out in waves as the colder temperatures continue to send freezing customers to hardware stores.

"Everybody is trying to figure out, 'How am I going to thaw these pipes out?'" Arcieri said.

Home Depot isn't the only place experiencing an influx of customers with the cold. Western Slope Auto is also seeing an increase in services that turn up the heat.

"You’re looking only at a couple of hundred dollars to get a remote start installed," Western Slope Auto assistant service manager Zech Moffitt said of the popular service. “A lot of people want after market stuff put in so it helps them stay warm, or heaters fixed or seat heaters taken care of, they want to make sure they're as warm as possible."

Moffitt says cars also tend to make strange noises in the cold, but those with diesel trucks especially should pay close attention as the temperatures drop.

"Fuel in them tends to freeze up if we don't put the right additives in there or we don't plug them in," he said.

Of course, if you’ve been to the gym in the last week, you may have found it difficult to find a parking spot.

"We’ve gone up from about 1,500 check-ins a day to about 2,000 a day just because of cold weather,” Gold’s Gym general manager Cole Christensen said.

Some are there working on those New Year’s resolutions, but Christensen says others who usually brave Mother Nature are giving in and heading indoors.

"The cold weather this season has brought in quite a few more outdoor runners to us," he said.

The Valley is expected to dip below freezing throughout the week, so consider this your final warning to heat up before it's too late.

"We have some gas heaters left, but not many of them,” Arcieri said.

Because hardware stores are running out of heaters so quickly, they say some people will grab whichever one is left. If that’s you, Arcieri says it's important people read the directions carefully because some are trying to use propane heaters in their homes which can be very dangerous.

Home Depot suggests using a hair dryer rather than a torch to warm up the pipes under your home because it's less dangerous.