Sporadic spring weather increasing flood risks

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - If you've lived in Colorado for any extended amount of time, you begin to realize that you need to be prepared for all four seasons when you leave the house -- regardless of what season it is.

Now we may need to add a fifth preparation to our regiment: flood protection.

The late snow in the mountains helps keep the mountain's snowpack stay full, and that in turn fills our reservoirs. But it also fills up the rivers.

"We've had a significant amount of snow already melt up in the high country," says NWS Meteorologist Jim Pringle. "We are -- as people have probably noticed -- seeing the rivers rising significantly".

The high rivers leaves open the possibility of flash flooding during extreme storms. Water isn't the only factor in flooding; in fact a major contributor is lying right beneath our feet.

"When we disturb our surface and create a nontypical surface," says BLM public affairs specialist Chris Joyner, "then we get atypical flooding events".

Overall, though, it is too early to tell how much impact the spring precipitation will have. According to the National Weather Service, we should not anticipate any severe flooding this summer.

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