State patrol set to saturate check points

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Colorado State Patrol is set to increase DUI check points over the next month.

Corporal Justin Mitchell said he has noticed an increase in both drunk and drugged driving in the last two years.

The DUI check point on north avenue this past Friday lasted for four hours and Troopers stopped 230 vehicles. Of the drivers stopped six were given traffic violations and two were arrested for driving under the influence.

"So we can just arrest someone for DUI on scene have someone take a breath test right there and have them get someone come pick them up on scene without having to take them anywhere, saves a lot of time and money," said Deputy Ben Carnes of the Mesa County Sheriff's Department.

Carnes wants to remind drivers that alcohol is not the only substance law enforcement is looking out for. He says Marijuana is just as impairing and can have lasting effects for up to 48 hours.

"Even if you know longer feel high, you can experience trouble with your vision, trouble with your memory, trouble with reaction time; all critical things to safely operating a vehicle," said Carnes.

State Troopers and Mesa County Deputies are trained to identify intoxication from alcohol and drugs, and while there is no legal limit for Marijuana, it is up to law enforcement officials to determine your level of impairment.

"Make plans if you are going to be participating in any kind of holiday functions where you are going to be consuming alcohol be as safe as you can be and of course always wear your seat belt," said Mitchell.

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