Staying healthy keeps cash in your pocket

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Nutritionists and fitness trainers all agree, leading a healthy lifestyle will not only help you look and feel better, it can help you save some cash.

Warmer weather has lots of people hitting the gym to get into the perfect summer shape, but staying healthy and fit should be a yearlong effort.

While it may cost you a little extra to buy that gym membership or opt for the healthier foods at the grocery store, it will help you avoid heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure later on in life.

"Weight loss is a lifestyle change, it's important for people to remember that there's no magic cure, or no magic pill or crash diet," says dietician Melody Brougham.

It's also never too late to make a healthy lifestyle change.

Simple things changes in your day to day activities could make a huge difference in the long run.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking farther to give yourself a longer walk to the store are great ways to get started.

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