Stetzel in court for formal filing of charges

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GRAND JUNCTION This morning the man who told police he killed his mother made an appearance in court for a formal filing of charges.

Daniel Stetzel was charged with second degree murder. This comes after he confessed to the death of his mother to investigators on Aug. 25.

In July Kathleen Stetzel's body was found in the desert off of 25 Road after she had been missing for several days. At that time Daniel was wanted on unrelated drug charges, but he was also a person of interest in her death.

Last week he started his confession by saying, "I'd like to tell you that i'm guilty of what happened .. that I did it. That's all I wanted to tell you."

Today also served as a review hearing for his parole violation and other drug related charges. He is due back in court on Nov 6.

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