Stoker Stadium sunrise Easter service

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Easter traditions in the Grand Valley start at sunrise. Stoker Stadium hosted a sunrise service to celebrate Christ's resurrection.

The Walker family joined the service offering their voices for praise in the choir. This Easter Sunday was the family's first time at the sunrise service.

"We usually go to some church service and this has been an exciting thing to be able to do in the morning," says Christian Talene Walker.

Pastor, Jim Hale, gave the Easter message at the service this morning…Easter Sunday is a very sacred day for Believers.

“It's a very special day, the day of the resurrection, the day that Christ defeated death," said Pastor Jim Hale.

Locally, there is also something special about the service...Grand Valley tradition.

"Traditionally the Grand Junction Minister Alliance has been doing Easter sunrise services for more than 30 years here," says Hale.

Usually the service is held in the Suplizio, but field maintenance on the ball field called for a change- moving the service to Stoker Stadium. Despite a last minute move, the service was still an enjoyable experience.

"We were hoping to be over there- it's a little bit better view, but it was still very nice," said Hale.

I asked the Walker Family if the sunrise service was an Easter tradition they will be adding to their list.
"I think so, yeah, very neat [service] was really uplifting," said Walker.

Families and children, who attended this morning's Easter service, came from about 20 different churches around the Grand Valley. After the service ended, Christians were invited to go back to their respective churches to enjoy an Easter breakfast where they were able to continue celebrations and festivities for today.

The choir sang 5 songs a capella. The sunrise service is a free event put on by the Grand Junction Ministerial Alliance.

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