Stonehaven House seeks to provide temporary housing

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FRUITA, Colo. Even though unemployment is down and the economy appears to be trending upward on a national scale, there are plenty who are still struggling, including close to home.

HOPE of the Grand Valley has a new project that continues its work to help those who work.

Up on top of this hill on North Mesa Street in Fruita sits the Stonehaven House, and if HOPE has its way way, this stone home will provide a haven for community our members who might need it most.

"It's just short term, just long enough for them to save some money and get support, whether it's job skills, resume, budget, all of those types of skills and just to know that you're not alone and we're going to help you," said Vicki McGee of HOPE.

It's for the hard-working folks who might not make enough to adequately support their family, but make too much to qualify for government assistance. Stonehaven would offer a place to stay cost-free for a few months- just to help them get back on top of things.

Now, they're looking for "room sponsors," or people to sponsor one of the rooms in the house, in order to purchase the property.

In order to make this happen, they need to raise $375,000 to purchase the land through those room sponsorships, and it needs to be done by May first when their contract is up.

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