Stores transition into spring?

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - With the unpredictable weather lately, businesses that depend on consistent temperatures are constantly left guessing.

Hardware stores like True Value, which sells items for all seasons, never know the good time to finally put away the winter supplies.

But with all of the expected snow in recent days, staff says items like sleds are here to stay.

"We started to put them away last week, but the forecast called for more snow. We still have some more winter coming so we just kind of moved them right here for now," said William Romisch with True Value.

Spring materials like soil and lawn mowers are usually set out, but with the weather, these businesses will do better leaving their winter supplies out.

Store employees say when even more spring materials arrive, they won't have a choice but to store away winter equipment even though it's still winter weather.

However, everything stored away is still available to customers.

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