Struggling to Keep Up

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. More than 7,000 jobs, that's how far the Grand Valley still has to go to get back to where we were just seven years ago.

And although numbers are promising for 2014m the Western Slope is still well behind the rest of the state.

Colorado's unemployment rate currently sits at about 6.6%, similar to the rest of the country; here in Western Colorado though, we're still at 8.3%.

But experts say it isn't all bad news.

"Even though americans say the economy is falling apart and the nation is falling apart, the outlook is not benign," says economist Anirban Basu. "They go to the malls - they're busy, they go to restaurants - they're busy, they go to outlet centers - they're busy, they go to auto dealerships - they're busy, they go to airports - they're busy."

Economists like Basu say over the past twelve months Colorado has ranked third in the nation in terms of job growth.

Consumer spending is on the rise but expansion is still slow, and here in the Grand Valley, we've definitely felt the effects.

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