Students compete for the cash

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Montrose, Colo. (KKCO) --- At the Montrose County Fair and Rodeo on Wednesday, teams from Montrose and Olathe High Schools put the fun in fundraising and competed for cash at the AG Olympics.

The students took off from the starting line carrying barrels of hay before completing a bucket fill by passing water along a fire line and dumping into their container.

Next the teams shucked 5 ears of corn and tossed them into a trash can several feet away.

Then came the egg toss and finally teams raced back down the course to complete a puzzle before hurrying across the finish line.

The winning students from the Olathe High School FFA and Montrose High School Baseball were awarded with the prize money for their club or team.

"It is a fundraiser for the local teams, and just fun for the fair," said Montrose County Fairgrounds Manager, Emily Sanchez. "They come down, we auction the teams off, that's how we raise money."

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