Students may contract back to school plague

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The back to school plague is when students are surrounded by new germs in class and get sick.

School is a breeding ground for illness and if your kid is feeling under the weather and comes home with common cold symptoms like sniffles, watery eyes or a sore throat experts suggest keeping them home, but to prevent the cold practicing good hygiene is key.

"One tip that parents and educators give kids is to sing happy birthday twice to themselves in their heads while they're washing their hands just to make sure they're doing it long enough," Veronica Daehn Harvey, Mesa County Health Department.

Harvey said school aged children should sleep 10 to 11 hours a night. Kids that don't get enough sleep will have a lower immune system making fighting off a cold harder.

With flu season right around the corner getting a flu shot will not only keep your kids protected but will also stop the spread of the illness at school.

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