Students worry about parking at CMU

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Parking lots on the Colorado Mesa campus were overflowing with Mavericks who were trying to find a spot to park in before rushing off to class, and there weren't very many to be found.

CMU has 16 different commuter parking lots and 14 residence hall lots totaling about 2,900 spaces throughout campus; however, with more than 9,500 students enrolled this year many Mavs were left driving in circles.

"The parking here is kind of terrible... I went a little bit up and then I came back down," Kristy Kelly, CMU Student.

Parking permits range from $3 for a daily pass to $135 to park at the residence halls and no matter where you park on campus you need a permit in order to avoid a fine.

Citations for parking without a permit are a minor $5 penalty if you park on a curb or sidewalk or up to $20 for pulling into a no parking zone. You could even be hit with a $75 fine for obstructing traffic with your car.

Some students who live close enough to campus won't have to worry about the fees because they don't need their cars, "I walk to school. I live literally two houses down so I either do that or I longboard," says Patrick Wall a student at CMU.

However, others like freshman Dominique Marquez aren't as lucky, "I live three miles away so I can't walk or ride a bike and get there on time."

Marquez even risks parking in the Albertsons lot across from campus regardless of the signs posted warning that the lot is for customers only and they could be towed and charged for the expense, "I needed to get to class a little bit earlier so that's what I had to do."

Officials at CMU said they're always evaluating parking availability on campus and increasing parking lots or adding a parking structure is a possibility.

That being said, a specific timeline and location for the next parking structure hasn't been determined.

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