Study: Youngest adults are most stressed

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- A new study from the American Psychological Association shows the most stressed out adults might be the youngest adults.

Findings suggest the "Millennial" generation, those ages 18-34, have higher stress levels than their parents' or grandparents' generations. Half of respondents even reported losing sleep over stress.

The news isn't surprising for local business owner Carla Bruton. Not only does she own Kairos Children's Boutique on Main Street, she's also a full-time mom of a 22-month-old boy.

"I try not to let it get to me but I definitely get irritable if it's really slow or if I have a lot of merchandise coming in, or if my little guy is in a crummy mood," Bruton said. "It's always something you're trying not to stress about."

Counselor Shelley Millsap with Behavioral Health and Wellness said she's seen more patients now coming in for stress than in previous years, when most of her patients had chronic mental diseases. Millsap said the stress she sees in people often stems from jobs, the economy and meeting expectations.

"I think we just kind of created it in our society to expect a lot of ourselves which on one hand isn't a bad thing, but it sets us up for a hard fall if we fail and don't meet those expectations," Millsap said.

The stress is also weighing heavily on college students. Colorado Mesa University sophomore Morgan Ryan said his stress isn't so much about finding a job after college, but his workload leading up to getting a job, combined with being on the cycling team.

"For cycling I have to get in 15-20 hours of training a week and for school itself, I'm taking 16 units so I have to do double that workload outside of class to do well, so that's 32 hours of studying," Ryan said.

Millsap said the findings are alarming since high stress is related to other complications such as heart disease, diabetes and a weakened immune system.

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